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Juan Mario's Gallery
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Gallery Artists 2

April - June 2005 

Joanne Sweeten-Carr (Los Angeles)
Douglas Brown
Mickie Bellah
Char Busse
Gabrielle Faust
Paco Felici
Darryl Freeman
Sue Gilliam
Rebecca Guy (Dallas)
Pauline Jacobson
Betty Jameson
Gary Lott
Sidra Myers
Marc Nelipovich
Christopher Schroeder
Todd Stevens
Laura Stevenson
Holly Trapp
Dena Wenmohs
Creative Arts Society of Austin will show their work during the month of June in the Wine Gallery Room. For more contact Sidra Myers, Publicity Chair, Creative Arts Society 512-554-6224

To Exhibit Your Work at Juan Mario's contact

Sidra Myers, 512-554-6224

Juan Mario's Grill, 3695 RR 620, Austin,TX 78734